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Jen shows off her Peacekeepers book



Ashley W.

Easy read with all of the resources needed for implementation; from starting a focus group, to implementing a student led restorative conversation.

Butte County Office of Education

Post the pandemic, we all know our students need support with social skills and resolving conflicts! Jen has written a beautiful, simple and intentional curriculum to help students help students in a beautiful, kid friendly RP approach! This will not disappoint!!!


I had this idea for my school and had no idea how to get started. So when I found this book, I was really excited. It doesn't disappoint. It spells out many important details and considerations. It's a very quick read with great supporting materials (i.e. student application, referral forms, etc.).

Deborah G.

This book is amazing! I have been trained in Restorative Practice through IIRP and have been looking for material to use to train our students. This is easy to read, has great examples. I am passionate about Restorative Practice and working with students. I work with students with high behavioral and emotional needs. This book is a valuable resource for us.

International Impact

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